The YuHu Creates Vendor Dashboard includes a user-friendly report feature where you can easily get an overview of you total Sales, Top Selling products and Earnings.

So let’s see what the YuHu Creates vendor Reports feature includes one by one:-

Report includes five major parts:-

  • Overview
  • Sales by day
  • Top Selling
  • Top Earning
  • Statement


The Sales Overview shows on the report page. On the top of the report, there are some tab options by which you could view your sales… Total Overview, Sales by Day, Top Selling products and Top earning product reports.

Sales by Day

Here you can view your sales over a specific period. The report shows the Sales for this period, the net Sales, average daily sales, the total number of orders, total number of purchased products, shipping charges, coupon details, and a day-on-day sales graph.

Top Selling Products

In the option, you can view your top-selling products and the total amount of sales. You can also specify a date range of your choice.

Top Earning Products

This is where you can view top earning products with the total selling amount and what your earnings were. You can also specify a date range of your choice.


The statement will show all your transactions analysing their debit-credit aspects. It will also indicate the Transaction date, Transaction id, Type, and Balance, or those transactions.

That’s it!

Last updated 6 January 2023

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