Top Tips for taking good product photos


Read our top tips for taking good product photos which are bound to get your listings on YuHu Creates to pop!

What is product photography?

Product photography is a type of photography that is used to show the products in the best possible light.

It is a technique that helps in creating beautiful images of the product or service you are selling. There are many benefits and these images can also be used for other purposes like social media posts, advertisements and more.

The photographer should consider some factors such as the type of product, how much time they have to take pictures and whether they will use photo editing software to enhance the image after taking it.

It’s the art of capturing a product in such a way that it looks appealing to the customer. It is not just about taking photos but also about the composition, editing, and styling of those images.

Marketing & Advertising

Product photography is an integral part of marketing and advertising. But it can be difficult to take a good photo, especially if you’ve never done it before. It is a must-have for any small business that wants to increase their sales. It is one of the most effective ways to communicate your product and attract potential customers.

Our Tips

Here are some tips that will help you get the best possible product photo:

Make sure to use natural light

The best way to make sure that your product photos look great is to use natural light. This will give your photos depth, dimension and a sense of realism.

Get creative with angles

Experiment with different angles when taking photos. You’ll be surprised by the difference this makes on your final product shots! Try shooting from above, below or from the side for a fresh perspective that captures all of the details in your pictures

Use props for aesthetic purposes

Props are a great way to create an aesthetically pleasing photo without having to do much work! Use props like books, flowers or plants in order to create a sense of depth in your shots


You should always have a clean background so that it doesn’t distract from the product itself or make it difficult to see what’s being showcased in the photo. A few options for backgrounds include:

  • A white wall
  • White sheet or even a
  • Seamless backdrop

Avoid backgrounds that are too busy, such as brick walls or other larger objects in the background that may be distracting to viewers of your image.

Use a tripod

A tripod will help you take steady shots and reduce blur caused by shaking hands. It will also give you more flexibility in moving around the product to find the best angle for your photo.

Get close to the product

You want to fill as much of the frame as possible with your product. You’ll need to get close enough for it to fill up most of the photo’s surface area without being too large in frame size or obscuring important details like text on packaging or logos on clothing.

Product photography can be tricky at first. If you don’t have the right angles or the correct lighting, your photos will not turn out as you expect. Take a little time to learn and practice, it won’t be long before you are taking great product photos.

We hope that these Top Tips for taking good product photos help you along your journey to a successful store on YuHu Creates.

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