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YuHu Creates limits the addition of new Vendors in certain categories to ensure a high level of quality so that customers are able to buy with confidence from all Vendors on YuHu Creates. In order to sell in the Clothing category, you will have to meet the requirements listed below. While our site-wide selling guidelines still apply, please note the additional requirements for this category.

Vendor Requirements

  • You must be registered as a Vendor on Business Plus Subscription.
  • You must have an inventory of more than 10 products in this category.
  • You must have a return delivery address in the local country or provide free delivery.
  • You must be able to provide local language support for customer service in the marketplace in which the sale is intended.

Product Requirements

  • The products that you sell must be new. We do not allow the sale of used products.
  • All products must be intended for sale in the UK and comply with all laws and regulations of the UK (or of the local country).
  • Products with labels that have been cut out may not be sold under the original brand name. No reference to the original brand name may be made for these products, whether in the title, bullet points, search keywords or product description. In addition, the product description must clarify that the label has been removed or is missing.
  • For each product, a valid barcode (product identifier) that is registered and associated with the product is required.
    Note: If the manufacturer of your product does not issue product identifiers (EAN, UPC or JAN), you can contact Vendor Support to request an exemption, or if you are the brand owner, apply for the YuHu Creates Brand Registry to obtain GCIDs that are unique to your products.

Image requirements

You will find a comprehensive list of all of YuHu Creates’s image standards that are specific to your product category in the corresponding style guide. Please read the Clothing Style Guide carefully as the images that you upload for the Clothing category must conform to these standards.

Next steps

If you are able to meet all of the requirements listed above, click the Request Approval button below. By clicking the button, you are confirming that you have reviewed the requirements above and that you want to apply to sell in this category. We will contact you to request additional required information after you have submitted your request to sell.

Request approval

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